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Hofzumberg Magic 

D.OB  03-07-2020

- JLPP - N/M - Carrier 
- Echo( Heart) - Normal * October 2021 * (OFA) 
- Hips GOOD  (OFA) 
- Elbows ED:01  ( OFA) 
- Eye Free from all Eye Disease (OFA)

Magic is our foundation female in our journey in the Rottweiler Breed.
We have big hopes and dreams for this beautiful girl to pave our way in the breed 

We will be showing Magic in Conformation shows. Watch for her in the show ring in 2021 !

Magic has some amazing kennels and dogs in her pedigree .
Her Father Nero V.D Holzhaussiedlung is a show and IPO 3 Champion. 
Some other great kennels in her pedigree are Arzadon, Kummelsee,
Von Der Alten Festung, Crossener Ranch.. 

We will be posting updates and Health clearance results as she matures and grows , For now we will be enjoying all great things with Magic and hopes that this girl will exceed our dreams for her.

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