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Getting started in this crazy world of dogs ....

Hey all ! I have decided to start a blog about the day and life of being a breeder and dog fancier.

I will try to keep this blog informative going over many things dealing with dogs, touching on many subjects everything from breed health , rearing dogs , living with dogs and everything in between.

I always wanted a dog growing up , unfortunately never was I allowed to get a dog . So I was determined to get one when the chance arose. And when it did watch out there was no looking back ,I never thought that I would be breeding three wonderful breeds that mean so much to me.

I have met some wonderful people in the world of dogs and some not so wonderful people along the way. But needless to say I have some pretty amazing people I know in this world of dogs, From fellow breeders to some wonderful puppy owners !

I will be adding to my blog so please visit often and if there is a subject or something you would like to have discussed please email me.


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